Amazon is expanding their lockers

Author: Mario Schmidtgen
Date: 16.08.2018

Parcel stations are getting more and more

Online commerce is booming and more and more delivery services from the logistics industry are increasingly under pressure due to the high volume of parcels. As a solution, various providers have launched the parcel boxes to relieve the deliverers. The online mail order company Amazon is also part of this and provides for the safekeeping of their packages the Amazon Locker. Last year, there were only a small number of 180 lockers in different locations. But in recent months the number has been expanded to around 400.

Even if the number of lockers seems to be very small in comparison with the other parcel pick-up stations of, for example, DHL (just under 3400 in Germany alone), one can still learn a lot from Amazon in relation to the expansion speed.

Amazon’s customers who are not at home can have their packages delivered to select Amazon parcel stations. This will ensure that customers receive their packages on the day of delivery. In this way the customer can easily collect the parcel on the way home. As soon as the deliverer stows the package in a locker, the customer is informed with a message and receives a code by e-mail, which he can enter at the station to get the access to the compartment in which the package is stowed.

This is one of several areas in which Amazon is a competitor for Deutsche Post. In addition to the parcel stations Amazon is also in the process of expanding its own delivery service Amazon Logistics in Germany and thus to stand out from the previous deliverers.