Rossmann ends cooperation with Amazon

Author: Mario Schmidtgen
Date: 16.04.2019

Shopping in the market still preferred

The German drugstore chain Rossmann has terminated its cooperation with the US mail order company. The reason for this is that the business is not worthwhile – Rossmann customers continue to prefer to shop in the markets. Amazon confirmed the end of the cooperation, which lasted only two years.

According to Rossman boss Raoul Roßman, “this special type of ultra-fast delivery after ordering is not in demand by our customers […]. Customers prefer to go to the stores and don’t want to pay extra to have their items delivered to the office”.

Furthermore, the company wants to introduce measures against the increasing volume of plastic waste: ” We plan, for example, to distribute free stickers that can be stuck on the garbage cans and clearly show what belongs where,” says Dirk Roßmann, son of the founder of the drugstore.

Rossmann is also advocating an amendment to the law on reusable plastic that would lower the requirements for hygiene standards for recyclable plastic (recyclate). At present, cosmetic products must be packaged in recyclable food-grade material. According to Roßmann, this is exaggerated: “We are currently working on the federal government to pass a regulation that determines which recyclate may be used for cosmetics. As long as this does not exist, it will be difficult for us to use decomposable recyclate for our cosmetic packaging.”