Thermomix: Production stop in Wuppertal

Author: Mario Schmidtgen
Date: 03.07.2019

Overcapacities in the European market

Due to the weak business in Europe, the appliance manufacturer Vorwerk is forced to take measures: Production of the Thermomix at the plant in Wuppertal was discontinued. The headquarters of the company are also located here. “Thermomix production at the Wuppertal site is expected to end in December 2019”, commented a company spokesman to the newspaper “Rheinische Post”.

A total of 200 full-time jobs in Wuppertal will be cut and a maximum of 85 people will be dismissed for operational reasons. Individual components will continue to be manufactured in Wuppertal, such as engines and knives.

The rest of the production will be relocated to Asia. According to the head of the general works council, Ralf Hüttemann, there are opportunities for growth here, while there is overcapacity in Europe. In China, a new Thermomix production facility will then be set up. However, the following was assured: “The largest production site will continue to be our Thermomix parent plant in France, where the equipment for the major European markets is manufactured”.